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May 21, 2005
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There's two schools near my house, one a boxing club and the other a kickboxing club. If I wanted to be a decent competitor in one of them which should I go to? I'm already 17 so I'm just unsure if I'd be able to hang with some of the guys who came out of there momma with a pair of Everlasts. Any input would be appreciated as I just wanna tap any potential I have and want to know if maybe it's a little too late for boxing.
If your goal is to be a decent competitor, you have plenty of time for either sport. I didn't start kickboxing until I was about 23 - 24. Just go check out both places - get a feel for the gym, the trainers, the membership terms, etc. Maybe take a free trial lesson if they let you. Then just pick whichever one seems best for you.

Unless your goal is to be in the olympics or to have full-time pro career, you don't have to worry about starting out when you're 5 or 6 years old.
definitly go to both and see which one you like better, if you like them both equally then figure out which one you will want to learn.
Good luck, let us know what you decided on.
Yes deffinitely try each one. Personally, I would go with boxing but the choice is yours. Good luck and have fun.
You better go with karate.
jus playin, yeah I agree with the others just checkout both gyms and see what their like. good luck with it bro
I'm going with boxing right now because I figure I can take it now and refine my hands until I go try out some kickboxing and have a sweet set of fists already and then start on the legs and everything.

I'm also a huuge boxing fan so I think I'd be a little more interested.
I start tomorrow and I'm thinking of starting up a little diary of a beginner just for some laughs and maybe some more input from you guys who have been there and done that because it's helped alot.

Thanks peeps.
yeah keeping a little diary/notebook is a pretty good idea. hope you enjoy it dude
Go for it. You have plenty of time to "catch up". Personally, I'd do kickboxing for more rounded training. Good luck.