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Jan 19, 2008
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I finally found a Muay Thai class that isnt too far and assuming this is the best place to post this can anyone give me a basic list of equipment I will need to start with if any?

(Also my apoligies if this is already in a thread somewhere the search function would work for me)

Thanks in advance.
You need boxing gloves (probably 16 oz), hand wraps (I prefer mexican hand wraps), and possibly shin guards. If you plan on sparring at some point in time you will also need a mouthpiece and a cup. My first day all I had was hand wraps and cheap Title training gloves; I stayed that way for a couple months then I got some shin guards. Now I have everything but no need to spend a shit load of money right off the bat.

Good luck with Muay Thai!
Thanks I didnt want to spend loads of money right off.
I thought this was the best place to ask assuming alot of people here do MT and had to start somewhere.
Thanks again.
yeah, don't be that guy who turns up with all the latest kit for his first lesson. A pair of gloves and possibly some wraps (they'll help you put them on) will be enough

You shouldn't be sparring in your first session, so you won't need a gumshield just yet

They'll help you with what you need and you'll get a feel for it

Quick Edit - make sure you wear shorts that you can stretch in! You'd be amazed how many new guys turn up wearing really baggy gangsta shorts or something that snags their balls when they try and kick! You won't be doing any super high kicking, but make sure you can move your legs comfortably.

you can get some proper thai shorts later if you stick with it

PS. Good luck, and enjoy yourself!
You should contact the gym and ask what you need for the first class. At my gym they don't require you to have anything for the first class. They have a big basket of "loaner" gloves that you can use for a class or two and if you focus on proper technique (and not punching as hard as you can) you won't need wraps for the first class. After you've done a class or two and decide you want to stick with MT you can buy the equipment. You will definitely want to bring water and possibly a towel.