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starting gear

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by bostonazz12, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. im gonna start training soon and wanted to get some of your opinions.

    sparring gloves- would it be worth it to get grants(Grant Pro Sparring Gloves-grantboxing.com) or cletos(CLETO REYES TRAINING PRO BOXING GLOVES WITH LACE - eBay (item 280458307337 end time Sep-26-10 11:45:01 PDT)) or should i be getting something like Limited Edition IMF Tech Training Gloves - Lace-www.Ringside.com

    bag gloves- ive read on here that i shouldnt be spending as much money on bag gloves so would Fairtex Professional Style Training Gloves-www.Ringside.com be good?

    Also should i just be buying any regular 4 oz mma gloves or something with more padding like MMA Safety Sparring Gloves by Combat Sports-Combatsports.com or Hayabusa Hybrid MMA Gloves | MMAWarehouse.com.

    Last question would the ringside quick wraps (Ringside Quick Wrap-www.Ringside.com) be good for a beginner since im not sure anyone at the gym would show me how to wrap my hands and those seem easy to get on.

    appreciate any help you can give me.
  2. bubkusjones Brown Belt

    Jan 18, 2010
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    Hamilton, Ontario
    "Quick Wraps" and the like are pretty much all crap. They don't offer the support or protection of an actual wrap, and cost more.
    What you want are 180 inch "Mexican" wraps, like Ringside Mexican-Style Handwraps-www.Ringside.com . They're a bit stretchy so you can get a snug, but not too tight, fit. I'm sure someone at your gym will show you (they should). If not, you can always hit youtube for videos (I can link you some if you want).

    For bag gloves, I use Rival RB3's ( RIVAL MEXICAN BAG GLOVES > Gloves > Title MMA , mine are red). They're inexpensive, they're comfortable and they are a lot nicer to punch a bag with than the crap gloves I had before.

    I'd probably go with the Ringside gloves, they seem to get a lot of nice reviews on here.
  3. liikeri White Belt

    Sep 7, 2010
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    if you are just starting. i would not spend big bucks on equipment. in case you dont like the sport. expensive equipment dont give you any added skill points in real life :D
    so take top contender or fairtex cloves. they are quality for less.

    basically start with smaller budget and if you really love it then move on to something more expensive.

    lots of ppl have one pair of regular cloves for bags and other for sparring.

    and if you are going for mma i would suggest some angle supporters and shinguards.

    and 180 inch mexican style wraps.. from youtube youll find many good wrapping introduction videos.
  4. thanks for the help :D

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