Starting BJJ (advice needed)


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Sep 28, 2005
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Hey guys, I know this sort of thread is probably overdone, but I didn't quite find one that answered my question.

I'm still in university, and don't really have much time to train, in fact I'd be looking at only 2 nights a week, with a Renzo Gracie brown belt. I was wondering if you'd guys would recommend me signing up now, or waiting until the end of the school year when I graduate as I should be able to go 5 nights a week.

Also, any pointers that you might have are welcome. That is, if you think that I should sign up.
2 nights a week is better than none.

If you have to pay monthly, and the cost works out too high to justify twice a week, then maybe you should think again and do something else in the meantime (strength training for instance).

I'd say just go for it though.

Main pointers would be: prepare to be sore after training, and prepare to have your ass kicked and feel totally useless. I know I did!
robot made a good post (point) often times when we get new people into the school; even if they have lifted or ran cross country or did another sport, they are just not prepared for BJJ. If you go 100 % twice a week you will learn a great deal. Also when you are a beginner it takes a while for you to loose that getting sore after practice feeling.

If you are at a university and have access to a free gym. I would recomend going to BJJ 2 times a week and the other days going to the gym and doing something fun, like light cardio, raquet ball or something that you are use to and will relax you (even weight lifting) The key to getting good at BJJ is not to go overkill your first 6 months out there and to over abuse your own anatomy and wind up with an injury.

There will be alot of people at your school whom can teach a great deal. 2 times a week is an awful lot of knowledge for a begginer. I am sure youll do great. Just make sure you are having a lot of fun at it. Make BJJ a habit and it will last long after your blue belt. Take it slowly and work your way up to your purple and you wont be one of those "I finally got by blue and now I quit belts"
Two nights a week is plenty to start with.
Even now, I don't think I could train 5 nights a week.
Work on your cardio and/or strength if you have extra time - there's plenty of info on Sherdog.
Twice a week is enough to learn BJJ. It would be nice if you could find time for a third session after you get into BJJ shape, maybe an open mat Saturday. But even if you don't you'll learn a lot by going twice a week and you'll probably improve your conditioning too.
I just started 2 weeks ago. I am so sore that I can only do it 2-3x a week now. Most classes have open mat after the session, so you could always stay later and work on stuff you need to. That is what I do. I can only do 1 gi class a day, so I stay and do open mat with the advanced guys. I get my ass handed to me from yellow belts (we do Judo w/ BJJ ground work), but there are 1-2 that I can tap, and I always hold my own against other white belts my size.
As someone said, 2 nights are better than one. Go for it.
Thanks guys... I'm making the call to the gym tonight to see when i can start my first class... I'm not sure about the price though 2 2 hour sessions a week costs $60 a month. I guess that's not bad, but I have no basis for comparaison.

I guess I'm just alittle worried about my conditionning (or lack thereof). I'll be checking out the conditionning threads, and at the local library.
That price isnt bad really, I pay $50 for 2 1.5 hour sessions per week plus free practice on saturday under a blue belt.
you do want to slowly submerge into something this physical. if you go home after a day of drilling armbars, you dont want to comeback the next day and try to roll unless your body is used to this kind of punishment.

you'll get to that level though, but it takes a few weeks at the least. plus, with time off physically, you can spend any free time you have mentally practicing what you have learned. bjj is a very very mental sport.
surtur who is your teacher? do you live in ny?
Yeah mentally it is tough as well as physicaly. Ive been doin it for just under 2 months and still get sore. I do 2 boxing 2 grappling and 3 weightlifting a week. Im about to dive into supplements to help me out. Also check for a book called passing the guard, it has helped me for sure.
and expect sore throats? or am i the only one who gets this after a day of practicing only chokes?
I wish I could train more. I only go once a week because of work and school.
don't worry and just do it....most people just quit anyways
rktg84 said:
surtur who is your teacher? do you live in ny?

Well, to be honest I'm alittle nervous because I was trying to find him on, but couldn't.

His name is Peter Martell. He's instructing along side Kevin Taylor. I could be wrong about being Renzo Gracie students, because, like I said, I couldn't find them on the BJJ belt listing.

I'm not from NY though, I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia
ShadowNINku said:
don't worry and just do it....most people just quit anyways
I agree, if you are apprehensive about going in now. Chances are you will quit after a couple months. THe training is hard and you will not tap anybody out for a long time.