Bobby Jacobsen

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Jun 1, 2004
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A few months ago I got a mouthguard from I had heard of them on here and decided to givethem a whirl. I had been using a Protech for about a year and a half and figured to make it last longer I should get another guard or two to rotate between.

The service with Starsguard was great. It took a few tries but eventually they got it exactly right. Initially I had sent them a mold from my Protech mouthguard but the guard they made was way off, it did not sit right. Then my 1st attempt at making a new mold went south but with a brief explanation of what I did wrong try #3 was great.

Even with all of the errors from start to finish it was maybe a month and a half. The guard fits like a glove and is very comfy. The only downside was when I boiled it to put in the lower bite I somehow got an air bubble in the bottom. Jeff offered to take care of it but I did not care that much about it. It still works great after rolling and getting punched a bunch.

Anyway the point of this thread is not to review their product (there are enough of those) but to publicly thank Jeff for a huge surprise I got in the mail today. I checked my mail and there was a package from Starsguard, I had no idea what it was. Well to save the suspense it was another mouthguard. My 1st one has Doomsday on it (I train with Dennis Hallman-nickname Superman). For those of you who do not know Doomsday was responsible for Superman's death by the way. The new one is a really cool silver with the S like on Superman's chest.

Anyway sorry for rambling but thank you Jeff! Great guards and the best service you will find. I would post pics but I am retarded and have no clue how (and I have tried to a bunch).