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Stars Guards Mouth Guard Review


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May 13, 2005
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Yes, that's right....another Stars Guards review. I like many other people train BJJ regularly and value my teeth. I first purchased a Shock Doctor boil & bite even after hearing all the negatives of a cheap guards vs a custom guard. I figured, for $10 I should at least see if I can live with a boil & bite. Truth be told, I could have lived with the boil & bite but it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world.

I did my homework on the Sherdog forums and Jeff's work really spoke for itself at least from an aesthetic standpoint. That is what first attracted me to his work.

I received my impression kit from Jeff and I apparently didn't do the best job in the world with the impression. I sent it back to him and he confirmed it wouldn't work. I felt pretty bad about it but Jeff was really cool and sent me another impression kit. Fortunately my second try was good enough. I conversed with Jeff A LOT and was afraid that I was beating him down at times. He was great to deal with throughout the entire process. The turn-around was not the quickest in the world but I knew that it would be worth the wait. I was in no real hurry since I already had my boil & bite. Second, I knew from previous customers that the quality would be worth the wait. The last thing I want is this process being rushed and ending up with an inferior product.

I decided that I wanted my school's name (logo) as the design and was really impressed with how well it came out. Keep in mind that the logo may not appear as clean as it could be but that has more to do with the shape and lighting.

Now the questions:

1. How is the customer service? 10/10
2. How does it fit? 10/10
3. Is it really worth the money? 10/10

I would not hesitate to order again from Jeff and can't recommend him enough.

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Great review. Thanks for the info. Im leaning more towards SG more and more.
Great review. Thanks for the info. Im leaning more towards SG more and more.
Is the mouthguard white or that pearly silver?
Pearly Silver, as gay as it sounds, I feel is the best looking base color. Looks amazing man.
I love my lime green but I think I could grow partail to the silver.