Standing Bag as good as hanging bag?

The Gubbinz

Oct 17, 2005
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Going to get a heavy bag for kickboxing at home.
My question is, is a standing bag like this:

-just as good as a hanging bag? Somehow I don't think it would be quite the same, though it would be much easier, as there is nothing to brace the hanging bag on at home.

I don't want to sacrifice quality though, and I'd rather get a hanger if it performs better.
Nope..its not..Whenever you kick it or hit it hard enough the whole damn thing will slide..DEFINTLY get about a 250lb hanger
For someone who doesn't hit hard at all then maybe a standing bag would be okay. But I bought a standing bag (a wavemaster) about 3 years ago. I tried filling the base with both water and then sand and the thing still slid all over the floor. You might be thinking "good, that will help my footwork by moving around the sliding", but it was a pain in the ass cause it was always sliding away from me and after a few shots it would be up against the wall and I'd have to slide it back to where I wanted it. Also, the plastic base cracked after much use which left me with sand all over my floor!
It took the guys at my gym just under a month to totally destroy a bag like that. It is really not worth it.
A friend of mine has that specific model and I was not overly impressed with it. It might be decent for punching but probably not so much for kicking.

I've owned two of the smaller Century free-standing bags. The first one I did not much like, as it was too easy to knock over and it cracked where the center pole that the bags sits on (which, incidentally, also wore out and wouldn't stay up when raised) meets the base. I bought another last year, which features a wide base and is more sturdily constructed overall. I've been happy with it, and it's so far stood up to getting routinely pounded on. Though if the sliding around bugs you, that's a problem (I don't mind so much).

Century makes a much larger version which stands about 6' high; you might wanna look into that one instead.