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Stand up defence


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Mar 8, 2008
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can ne1 give me ne advice on stand up defence. the other day i was sparring w/ a guy who had quick hands and a taekwondo backround w/ really good sweeps. My cuz told me to catch him with combos and to thow in a thai kick while keeping upper body movement but the kid was too
fast and his sweeps were simple plus powerful. Ne advice?

1. Most important: get a coach if you don't have one. Just letting this out there because a lot of kids "train" without a trainer.
2. What do you mean by "sweeps?" Are you talking about BJJ sweeps? If so, that's for the grappling forum. I can tell you have to keep your base in that situation.
3. Its hard to give any advice other than to tell you to work on your basic defensive techniques without knowing what he's actually doing. Were you moving your feet? Rolling your shoulders?
Maybe he's talking about that badass KK sweep Andy Hug does, where it's like some spinning kick to the knees? :)
i assume you mean he is catching your kicks and kick the leg still on the ground out from underneath you.
set higher kicks up with low kicks, after 3 maybe 4 succesful low kicks, then throw to the mid section or head. dont chase this kid around trying to hit him, let him come to you