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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Gavin LeFever, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. i like to take shots with my right leg forward in more of a wrestling stance. with the right forward, i can drop elevation and the shot is fluid at their right leg and i see most putting thier right forward.

    but, when i strike im 10x more comfortable with my left leg forward. i must be retarded but i can put my body into every punch so much easier and every punch i throw feels like a bomb in this stance. i can also kick with my left forward 10x more comfortable and rarely feel off balance. also, knees are more fluid. if anything misses i dont feel i lose balance even if i've committed i can get slipped and sprawl on a shot no problems.

    i try to strike with my right forward because im worried a smart guy or his trainer will notice 'right leg forward = shot.' but when i have my right forward my punches feel weak, and i dont like throwing kicks or knees. elbow feels sexy but anything else is out of the comfort zone.

    to make up for this i switch my feet the whole time. it keeps me moving and i can drop into a wrestling stance quickly and not telegraph the shot before i'm too deep to defend. problem is, a good trainer is going to tell his guy to watch my right foot and that takes off the surprise.

    can you force yourself to chance a stance and not lose what i feel i'm losing?

    -edit- with left forward, a lot of people are unused to this so i guess it's a small advantage since i'm used to both. only thing i like is if they're right forward and i'm left, i can kick the shit out of their inner thigh but so could they if they thought about it. put a welt on their thigh and they cant sprawl, apperantly.

    -edit2- god, i like clinching more. help me strikers. =(
  2. I would believe, you should have your left leg foward, and learn to throw 1,2 stepping left kick. Throw 1, 2 left kick, wait a bit, another 1, 2, leftkick, then the next time, 1, 2 switch to quick shot. Also, the reason you dont have too many replies is that you dont really specifying a question. I think your asking for help with ways to shoot with your left leg foward, when you shoot rith your right leg. Hope this helps, and if you could, just give us a question, and youll get many more answers.
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    I'd say left leg foward. In striking, lead side is more important than in wrestling. IN wrestling, the difference b/t left and right lead is basically just one step. in striking, the difference is much more b/c you need handedness and chirality for striking to work.
  4. thing is, if im right forward, most are in a right leg stance so throwing 2 punches at the face and bam right leg single/double is right there. i dont have to circle or tie to set up my shot in this case.

    my main question was, "can you force yourself to chance a stance and not lose what i feel i'm losing?"
    so i can get one stance and do it all. i can swap stances and try to look like smooth motion but i'd be comfortable if i wasnt.

    currenlt solution is left stance-- no kicks, punches are feeling better and shot is always something i can rely on. i think keeping my self from doing kicks without clinch is probably a good thing since it's not my best stuff. clinch is always there for knees, kicks, elbows, trex punches and takedowns.

    dunno if i'd ever be content anyways.

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