St. Pierre responds to Steven Seagal: "I am a martial artist."

I'm still having a hard time understanding why Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida give this guy any sort of credit for their performances inside the Octagon....

Trolls trolling trolls
misleading title in article, he didn't say anything about seagull..
"you're not a true martial artist"

"i am a martial artist"

this beef is seriously heating up.
I would really wanna know how this huge joke started. Have you guys seen the clips of Segal instructing machida? Hilarious.
Not only is GSP a martial artist, he's a better actor than Steve.
Don't you get it? In foreign countries the aging American action hero is still in the mix....these guys think that by sucking up to the fool Seagal that they will have a secured role in a B action movie that will not make shit in the USA but with AS in it it would make millions in Brasil. Think about is one parasite feeding off another, and actually pretty brilliant. Without Seagsl AS can't make it, and w/o AS the old fatass deluded Seagal will never make another $ in the motion picture industry.
GSP better watch out, if he trash talks Seagal a wrist lock would be in order.
Seagal said GSP was a martial artist, just that he personally didn't consider him a great one.

I disagree wholeheartedly, but let's get our facts straight.
Why is there so much animosity towards Seagal? He's probably one of the funniest personalities and persona's in mma. Sure hes full of shit but thats why Seagal is Seagal.
Not only is GSP a martial artist, he's a better actor than Steve.

I don't know about that. Have you seen Segal's collection of oscars? or Emmies?

No Wait. It's Razzies.