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SSF Website


Feb 25, 2005
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The website is down but we are still open for business. If you know what you want email us at [email protected] and I will take the order. The site should be back up sometime soon.

We've been down all day but we are back up and running. Sorry for any problems this may have caused you.

Hey Ron,

My training partner's gi just ripped in class today and he will be ordering a new one. I passed along your name and web site. He should put my name in the comment box. Please take good care of him!

Awesome Ron. He ordered a Ground Force gi. I can barely wait to see it!
good to hear Ron, a buddy was wondering about some ShockDr compression shorts. I hope you hear from him soon.
I just got back from customs and the hoodies are here. I think I answered everybodies email late last night.

Good ! Been looking forward to the new hoodies and ordering one ! Just need a link on site to order it now along with other stuff.....a rather unsubtle hint from an impatient Englishman......sorry !How does the new gear look now you've got it through the red tape?
Sweet. I will have to get myself one of those hoodies at some point.
Alright the new hoodies are in....damn, I'm going broke in a hurry.
Your server was probably getting hammered from all the UFN people getting online and wanting to buy stuff, just like Sherdog was all day.