Squatting With Shin Splints


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Jun 9, 2007
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Currently recovering from a shin splints injury. Don't want to miss any squat time, squatting doesn't cause pain. Think its ok to continue to squat while i recover?
Yes, I cant imagine squatting aggrevating Shin Splints.
If it doesn't cause pain... why not. I heard people with shin splint problems are supposed to take some time everyday to walk around on their heels.
Squatting does not cause shin splints or impact recovery from shin splints.

Shin splints are caused by high impact foot strikes.
Just be sure to keep the weight off your toes, which you should be doing anyways but it's a little more important if you're trying to recover from shin splints
Unless your legs are broken, you should squat.
Just make sure you stretch and Ice that shit. You should be fine squatting. I was when I had shin splints.
I don't think shin splints are gonna be a prohibitive factor when it comes to squats. I'd just try it and see how it feels. You should be ok.
A trick I picked up while in the Army concerning shin splits:

Get a 20oz plastic water/coke bottle, fill it with water and freeze it. After it's frozen, rub it up and down your shins (with good pressure) for about 20 minutes. Sounds crazy, but provides a lot of relief.
You should also look into squatting with correct form. If your form is off I think it might affect your shins more-so than if your technique was spot on. Heels down, sit back, back arched, etc. Make sure your shit is spot on.
Yea ive been reading articles and looking at video to make sure im doing it right. sometimes when im pushing up knees will come a bit forward still working on it.