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Squat form check.


Lift, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Jul 11, 2007
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Please give me pointers. I have had quite a layoff, and after reading this forum a lot, I am not sure about my squat form. Any tips would be great.
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You should shift your weight to your heels and sit back while you are squatting. It's also hard to tell how far apart your feet are and what direction they are pointing, but it seems a little off. Other than that looks pretty good
That's what I was afraid of. I'm thinking I've always done em wrong. :(
That's what I was afraid of. I'm thinking I've always done em wrong. :(

Have you read Starting Strength? I didn't realize that I was doing them wrong until I read the book. I had no idea about hip drive or anything like that. It was like a "holy shit" moment after reading it and realizing that I needed to sit back and drive my hips up to get my hamstrings involved.
Yeah, I had a feeling I wasn't going back enough, from what I've read here. I have Starting Strength, but haven't had time to read it yet.
I guess I'm gonna have to start over with very little weight to work on sitting back more, and I'm guessing this will help me go lower. Am I right on that? That was actually as far down as I could go that way.
Thanks again for the suggestions.
Look at your knees. The knees shouldn't really move much during a squat. In the video your knees look like they are going out past your toes, that is a big no no. Spread your legs so that the inside of your foot is about shoulder width apart, then point your toes out about 45 degrees (so your feet are duck foot). Then sit back like you are sitting down in a chair. It might be a good idea to start really light with some box squats to get use to sitting back.
when i used to go heavy i very very slightly point my toes out to take off the pressure from my knees it worked for me. then i would go ass to my ankles and explode up. wouldnt press until my ass hit my ankles only problem was couldnt wear boxers to the gym b/c i would split them everytime.