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Spoony's Kettlebells for BJJ

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Eskimospoon, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Just a bit of info on my background I'm 188cm and 85kg at the moment I have just returned to BJJ after 6 months off due to a couple injuries the most annoying one being golfer's elbow.

    I am currently just training with a 16kg Kettlebell and have decided to give the 12 week Enter the kettlebell program by Pavel Tsatsouline a go to start getting some strength and conditioning back.

    Day 1
    Saturday 9th Oct 2010

    Warmup 10 minutes

    Wall Squats x 10
    Halo x 10
    Pump stretch x 10

    5 times through.

    Workout: 12 minutes

    1st cycle
    Swings x 20
    Jumping Jacks x 1 min
    Swings x 20
    Mountain Climber x 1 min
    Swings x 20
    Burpees x 1 min
    Swings x 20
    Pushups x 1 min

    2nd cycle
    Swings x 20
    Jumping Jacks x 1 min
    Swings x 20
    Mountain climbers: ran out of time.

    Notes: Was alot harder then I expected and I realised just how much my conditioning has dropped.
  2. Week 1, KB workout 2.
    Tuesday the 12th of October 2010


    Wall Squats x 10
    Halo x 10
    Pump stretch x 10

    5 times through.

    Workout: 5 minutes

    Turkish getups for 5 minutes
    Managed to get 4 out each side. I tried to do get ups on puzzlemats on a vinyl floor, not my brightest idea nearly slipped over a couple of times.

    Notes: I have been pretty sore from the first workout over the last few days and felt very tight in my shoulders and a bit of soreness in my elbows. The elbow soreness is pretty standard for me so I have been taking gluscosamine for the past few months I don't think it has really made a great deal of difference but I will wait and see how it goes.
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    Aug 26, 2005
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    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
    thanks for sharing . Good routine.
  4. I was very disappointed to have my golfer's elbow flare up the day after doing turkish get ups. Very painful and unfortunately I am going have to give kettlebells a miss and change my workout routine to something bodyweight based until I can get a shed built to house my power cage and the rest of my gym.

    Saturday 16 October 2010
    Had the bjj fundamentals class today and ended up working on double leg and single leg takedowns. This is the first class that I have been to that focused on just takedowns was a really nice change.

    The open mat is on saturday at noon but I had to give it a miss for a barbecue and beer. Tough life.

    Monday 18 October 2010
    After deciding to give up kettlebells to save my forearms and elbows I figured I would focus on some basic goals.

    100 chest to ground pushups: I used to use terrible form for these.
    200 crunches: My core training really needs to improve.

    Pushup routine

    based of pushuplogger.com and situplogger.com

    60 seconds between sets.

    14 pushups
    14 pushups
    10 pushups
    10 pushups
    12 pushups(max attempt)

    Not particularly happy with my final effort.

    20 crunches(max attempt)

    My core sucks. really need to focus on it.

    Towel bicep curls with a 16 kg kettlebell 3 sets x 10 reps.

    2 sets of 10 reps single arm row 16kg kettlebell

    Light workout would like to find a decent bodyweight only routine so will keep looking around

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