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paul varelans_1

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Jan 12, 2008
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Hey Mods-
I cant start a thread in ATF, but I wanted to let the fighters there know some info:

I work in customer service for Hansen's Products - The "Monster Energy Drink" company- in their main offices in Corona, CA Right now, they are looking to get into sponsoring growing sports, and MMA is one of them. In other sports, they sponsor both competitors AND organizers. I know this isn't a cheap sport to do, so PM me if you want info on who to speak to and their contact info-these.

I hope I don't get into trouble!

Long live MMA!
Man, read the stickies in forums - ATF is restricted for people making threads so no trolls can start sh*t threads and bother fighters that take the time to post here. Gotta ask a mod to have the option to make a thread there, or be a platinum member - if you're plat, at least Sherdog gets money while they weed out trolls.

Still though, that sounds pretty good - hope you're able to.