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spoilt for choice

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by seamus1979, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. seamus1979 Green Belt

    Mar 11, 2007
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    So I have a bit of a dilemma that I know a lot of you won't have sympathy about
    For 19 years I have trained in the same gym
    So im used to the same power rack, logs and dumbells
    I'm now training at terry Hollands gym and god I don't know where to start!!
    Stones, tires, 2 and 3 inch fat bars, bands and chains, Viking press, battle ropes, farmers walk, ghr, reverse hyper machine, sleds and a rolling thunder
    Trying to fit it all in to a three day a week full body schedule is driving me mad
    I've never used chains or bands in my training before so I'm currently researching them
    I'm even if thinking of going for a two week six day split
    My current routine is

    Day one
    Sled push 10 x 25m runs
    Deadlift working up to a triple
    Sumo deadlift 5x3
    Front squat 4x10
    Viking press 4x10
    Wrist roller to failure

    Day two
    Log lift working up to a triple
    Power cleans 5x3
    Ghr 4x10
    Reverse hypers 4x10
    Neutral grip pull downs 4x10
    Farmers walk 10x25m runs with 85kg

    Day three
    Squat working up to a triple
    Dimmel deadlifts 1x20
    Dips 4x10
    Pendley rows 4x10
    Battle ropes 10x30 second sets

    I would like to include some work with the stones, bands and the chains but I don't even know where to start. I would like to add bench back in as well. I have a 600lb deadlift, 550lb squat and a 350lb bench.
    On a side note some of you asked for a report on what the gym is like. My first main observation is Jesus terry Hollands is big. The first day I walked in his shoes where sitting on the side, a UK 17!!!!!
    He has knee caps like dinner plates.
    Chatting to him he was saying how the first time he walked into a gym he deadlifted 260kg. Sometimes I feel like I'm a hobbit with some of the equipment, the handles on some of the equipment are three handles compared to the standard inch. We also nerded out together talking about the equation. For working out the relative weight in the hand when using the Viking press and also about how he has weighed all the 45lb plates in his gym and how there are 2-3lb discrepancy between brands.

    Anyway enough about me going off on a tangent.
    Any advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Tosa Red Belt

    Oct 23, 2008
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    Somewhere else
    Don't try and fit it all in.

    My advice would be to think about what your priorities are, and keep that the focus. While you now have access to all kinds of great equipment, and of course you want to try it all out, that doesn't mean you should try and fit it all into one program, where you're using it all every week.

    I train in a well equipped powerlifting gym, which now has over a hundred members. Over the years, people there have experimented with a lot of different equipment - bands, chains, speciality bars, kettlebells, logs, farmer's walks, GHRs, reverse hypers, sandbags, prowler - you name it.

    And while all of that equipment has it's uses, the majority of the work done is still with a rack, platform and a power or oly bar. Maybe a few mats for slightly changing the height of pulls. The first 2-3 lifts done after warming up are almost always some kind of squat, bench/press or pull. How much assistance is done varies, but it's usually very conventional assistance, that doesn't make use of speciality equipment, aside from a GHR.

    Of course, if you're training for strongman, you'll have more variety, because you have to train events.
  3. Fenderson Purple Belt

    Jan 12, 2012
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    Experiment and have fun with the new gear. I don't know what your routine was before but if adding more strongman stuff in to your regime excites you and motivates you to train harder then go for it.
  4. Synapse Blue Belt

    Oct 26, 2009
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    I'd check out JTS' cube method for strongman, which answers in detail the exact questions you have, AKA wtf do I do with all this crazy strongman gear, and how do I put it into a program?
  5. JauntyAngle International man of mystery

    Dec 15, 2006
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    I have no advice to offer, but that does sound amazing.
  6. ironwolf Banned Banned

    Apr 17, 2013
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    Shandong, China via the USA
  7. ssdd Purple Belt

    Jul 12, 2010
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    New Jersey
    Put it in blocks. Block one should be the most general, with a general hypertrophy and endurance focus. Put the main lifts first, and tag on something like farmers walks or yoke carry at the end.
    Second block should be a little more specific, focus mainly on skills and strength. Start with the lifts that require the most technique, then do strength work which could be the standard main lifts or a strong man version. Then do some high intensity conditioning like sled push, battle ropes, tire flips, sledge hammering, and that kind of thing.
    The third block should shift focus to events, then skilled lifts, and then power exercises in that order of priority.
    Then you either compete or start over after a deload/taper.

    That's the most general description of how I would structure it if I was trying to do everything and was already as strong as you. I just took the general periodization scheme for an MMA athlete I read about recently, and applied it to strong man. I am really not qualified, but wanted to offer that and say the gym sounds cool.
  8. 48mpg Blue Belt

    Jul 12, 2008
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    use the equipment to help you train, not train to use the equipment

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