spider guard-favorite sweeps/submissions


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Sep 5, 2005
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It is interesting that everyone always downplays spidergurad in no gi/mma. Just saw Pride's ulitimate submissions, and Nog set up every triangle submission using his spider guard set up.

Using the gi, what is your favorite sweep from spider guard with opponent standing? I tend to have some trouble sweeping with opponent standing and wind up going for submiission or transiotion into hook sweep or sickel sweep (by grabbing ankle, foot on hip and attacking other leg with my leg). My favorite submission will always be the omoplata/triangle.
I'm not sure of the techniqual names but I like the one where you push on their hip & hook a leg & you sit up to go to Knee on belly.

As for subs I like the triangle from here.
not really a sweep per se but "de la riva" to the back always gets cheers as does the slip triangle where you make them look like a puppet for second then kick the legs up while pulling them into the traingle.
spider guard in no gi?????

I know de la riva but spider guard?

i prefer the scissor sweep and armbar setups from guard.
BabyPhenom said:
spider guard in no gi?????

I know de la riva but spider guard?

i prefer the scissor sweep and armbar setups from guard.

Its all about the grip strength right?
grabbing the wrists and getting knees by elbows. Just used long enought to get leg over arm to get triangle. Clearly, you can not hold onto sweaty wrists for very long against a resisting opponent.
nog has a rapist like grip by all accounts, doubt I could do spider guard w/o gi
I like to get spider, then dive the left foot under, out then over and wrap their right arm, then lower my right leg to make them believe they have an easy pass to that side, once they go to pass I use the trapped arm to sweep to my left and end with a bicep lock on top.

or same setup to spin to the right underneath them and place my free right foot on there belly and grab there right foot with my free right hand and sweep them forward to knee on stomach.
I always loved the scissor sweep since I have been able to use it a lot.
I love the basic omoplata and triangle setups from the spider guard. Really effective moves.
No gi spider guard is slightly different than gi spider guard. The way we learned it is controling one arm, grabbing their wrist with your "front" arm and right above the elbow with your other arm. That lead leg goes to their hip, and your other leg pushes on their free shoulder or bicep. Pushing on their hip and pulling their one arm sets them off balance and pulls that one shoulder in first, so you can set up a triangle. It's difficult, I'll admit it. In fact from here, I'd rather go to omoplata.
It sounds like what Nog does is not so much spider guard as just the triangle setup where you kick the other arm back as you yank the front arm forward, spinning the guy. It's a great setup for triangle, the best imo, but it's not truly a spider guard.

That said, triangle is the only sub I have much luck with from spider -- I guess I will work on a spider omoplata, but mostly I think spider is for sweeps.