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Speed/power complex vs speed lift?


Aug 9, 2007
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Complex training vs speed lifting(lack of a better term). Which is better for power and speed? Should I do both? If so how should i divide it up? 3 complex sets and 2 speed sets or vice versa?

Complex training is when you lift heavy followed by a plyometric movement.

Whereas speed lifting is when you take a lighter weight and lift as quickly as possible. For example if you were to max out on the bench press, you would lift the heavy weight slowly. Whereas in a speed lift you would use a lighter weight in order to explode the bench press as quickly as possible.

Would it be smart to mix the two? Speed lift followed by a plyometric movement?
that depends a lot on your program setup and skillset. for me i would just use oly lifts and sport training. if you cant do those, you might lift using ~60% with low rep and sets to prime the cns, and then do speed work or plyos later. i wouldnt cycle through plyos and lifts in the same session though.
I think the answer is going to be different for every individual.

If your slow and strong then obviously speed lifting.

If your fast and weak then obviously complexes.

If your slow and weak then your Kaboom.

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I don't know what to say here, but I'm curious if someone can put a well worded reply with reasoning.
I've never done complex training before so I can't comment on that.

Dynamic Effort (speed training) usually isn't that useful until you have a decent amount of training experience under your belt with lifting heavy and have a pretty good strength base. The reason is neural efficiency, or lack thereof.