Southpaw advice?

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by CollarTie, Jul 24, 2010.

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    No, I'm not asking for tips on how to fight a Southpaw, rather how to utilize the style. I'm an odd kind of ambidextrous, in the sense that I write with my right hand and do some things with it, but in an abundance of different tasks and activities I'm left handed. In this case, it would happen to be boxing, so I like to think I've kind of got a Victor Ortiz kind of thing, you know? Anyways, I've been a wrestler for years, but have recently looked into boxing as well. I've been to a gym and witja trainer, but he's got little experience training Southpaws. The trainer will still help me tremendously, but I'd appreciate some advice on using the southpaw stance to my advantage. Stradegies, combinations, counters, idk I'm new to training in boxing (I am a fan though). Thanks, greatly appreciated.
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    1's, 2's, 1 2 3's, 2 3 2..... simple shit. thats thats what you should work on.

    mix it up and repeat.

    being a southpaw you're gonna have a advantage off the bat. work on simple shit, mix it up and work your game from there.

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