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May 9, 2002
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thats right, you're all a bunch of soory kiss arse no good losers. you can't hang. look what i've done to conrad opps that right where has he gone. now hound. oh and what about mma little vaction. nobody stands a chance in here with me. i shiat on all of you

now run to your mummy's before i decide to stop being nice.
Be nice Pablo. That kid just went through something that might haunt him for the rest of his life. I would never laugh at something like that.

*laughing in the background*
Hahahaha..... a shithead......... That joke is da shit!!!
it was not ment to be a joke you infadels. alla shall rain fear upon.. oh wrong speach. i shall not rest until you all have been vanquished.:mad:
yes mma including you.

not for others to read

mma eyes only (i am trying to scare the rest of these puny punks. so i'm trying another scare tactic. lets see conrad, jim, hound and ? the list keeps growing)
I challenge Art Santore to a Greco-Roman thumb wrestling match. I've got stumpy thumbs, so there's no way you can win.
i'll have you know that i happen to be a pro.

here's my first place trophy
i think you could be correct. so first place awards i sometimes forget which one is which
i think you could be correct. so many first place awards i sometimes forget which one is which
I understood it the first time. Be thanks for saying it twice.
i tried to stop it, so that i could edit it but oh well. its a good way to get your point across.