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sore shoulders


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Aug 28, 2005
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i've been grappling about 2 months doing bjj no gi, and after every session, both my shoulders get sore, the rotator cuffs. Anyone else run into this when they were new to the game? is this normal? i don't get sore anywhere else, just muscle tiredness.
are you sure it's not from kimuras or keylocks? it doesn't take much cranking for those to bother me the following day or so sometimes. tap early at practice, save toughing it out for competition or self-defense.
I do pushups, db clean and jerk push presses, rotator warmups with light weights etc. I don't think its from getting kimura'd, that usually doesn't happen to me, it happens when i'm defending being mounted all day, or trying to pull my arms out of my opponents grasp when in their guard.
Go see a physiotherapist and good sports doctor. Dont mess around with your shoulders, you will regret it in the long run.
Could be a whole lot of issues including- bursitis, torn cuffs, muscle imbalance, loose joints, athritis, weak stabiliser muscles around the shoulder blades and even spinal injury affecting the nerves that run to your rotator cuffs. The last one is very possible because the pain is affecting both shoulders.

Get expert help before you end up with a long term injury.