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Somebody say Hoodie?

This is off the topic of the hoodies...they look great by the way, but I was wondering if we can expect the other sizes in the OE shorts to be re stocked any time shortly?
None until Jan 1st. We had a gigantic barage of sales in that style. They are in huge production right now as are our new 2006 short and they will all be done on the 1st. I know it is a long time but the numbers we are getting we shouldn't run out again for quite some time. We are so happy with the success we have had this year itis unreal.

Thank you again for all the support guys.
Selling like hotcakes guys thank you. They are quality hoodies
The "click to see opposite side" (ie the back) does not work for me. What is on the back of those hoodies?
The only one that shouldn't flip over is the zipper and that is because there is nothing on the back.