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Some help with LED monitors


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Mar 28, 2010
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Hey, don't know if this is the best sub-forum, move if necessary.

I'm looking at getting a new monitor, I see that these new LED panels are coming down and price, even at 27", and two in particular caught my eye, as they're both on sale.

Can anyone offer an opinion of which one might be a better buy? Uses will be varied, from standard browsing, movie watching, gaming, etc. No professional graphics work or anything like that.

The first is a Samsung panel, the 2nd is an Asus. The Asus has a better contrast ratio, but I know those figures can be somewhat misleading.

I see the 24" panels are considerably cheaper, and I might just end up getting on those instead, I don't really NEED 27" inches, but it wouldn't hurt either.


If Samsung sold a matching dildo/buttplug set, I'd buy it.

I wouldn't take any brand of electronics over Samsung... In the average consumer range.
I have 10 dead Samsung LCD monitors in my office
in my experience their LCD monitors fail pretty fast. these are from 2012 alone:


TVs though, they're a lot better. I have 2 65ers in my conference room

in my experience their LCD monitors fail pretty fast.

Good to know. I generally hear positive things about Samsung displays but never actually owned one.

ASUS though...I had a laptop from them and it was shit, but this panel looks pretty nice.

Maybe I'll just take a chance, or get something cheaper, so that if it catastrophically fails it won't be such a hit on my bank account.
dont waste your time on a single huge monitor, get 2-3 23" like a real man
i've had my samsung 19 inch for like 9 years no problems. and bought a high end samsung tv like 6 years ago no complaints there either.
dont waste your time on a single huge monitor, get 2-3 23" like a real man

My computer area is like a little nook in the corner of my room, I don't physically have the space, nor the need for such a setup.
I'd go with 2 23" Asus, but I'm biased as fuck.