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Solis-Botha Moved to June 27.....


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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Solis will be on the FNF card that Gamboa is supposed to headline.....

Solis-Botha in Miami!
The heavyweight clash between heavyweight star Odlanier Solis and Franz Botha has been moved from the May 30th card in Bilbao, Spain, to June 27th in Miami. Solis will share the ESPN2-televised card with fellow Cuban Olympic gold medalist Yuriorkis Gamboa. The venue has yet to be announced.
that will be a big step up for botha hopefuly solis is down to some where like 220 to 230
that will be a big step up for botha hopefully solis is down to some where like 220 to 230

anyone see him beta the king of the shvili's

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YouTube - ?2008-04-26? Odlanier Solis vs Mamuka Jikurashvili
we get to see the white buffalo slaughtered on national tv, awesome!
Perhaps Gamboa wants back on TV because he feels like he didn't perform up to standards against Jimenez. Either way, it's good to see a couple of prospects on TV.