SoCal Grappling tourney in Rialto, CA


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Jun 16, 2005
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Anyone have any information on this competition that's being held in Rialto, CA Sept. 3rd and 4th i believe? and is there anything i should know about this tourney as a first timer for tourneys
is this a Gi or a No Gi event. i'm really excited about this Tournament :) a new step for me.
jpark4 said:
is this a Gi or a No Gi event. i'm really excited about this Tournament :) a new step for me.

It is a 2 day event 1 day of Gi competition and 1 day of Nog Gi. I'm probably going to compete in the No Gi as a warm up for NAGA.
Thanks Lairdog, i can't wait until i compete :) i do'nt care if i lose either WAHOO!
I did this tourney last year. Really well run. They even had great prizes for the kids who competed (they got bikes, skateboards and scooters). I remember they had 6 mats going at once. I hated how weigh ins were the morning of the tournament while you waited in line to pay your fees. I remember stripping my clothes, down to my boxers, while everyone in line watched (females and kids included).

Also memorable was during the finals in my division, I competed against someone from Rickson's school. Rickson, who was at the tournament, was coaching him against me. Talk about a major psychological disadvantage.

Nevertheless, it was a fun tournament and I'm going to try to make it this year if I have time.
Man I so want to compete in this.... Fuck Work!!
ohh.. looks like i might compete then
TTmotherfuckinT. I just came back from this tournament. I was the first Brown Belt Superfight. I beat Joe Camacho (Aloiso Silva Brown Belt and KOTC Fighter) 7-0. Won me a big-ass 27" TV!!! I must say the tournament ran smoothly and I never expected to win a prize. Rommel put on a great tournament. He gave bikes away to all the kids who won their divisons. They had a brown belt open division but I hurt me rib the week leading up to the tourney (and hurt it again ater a failed flying triangle attempt today) so I decided to sit the open out. I'll be missing the no-gi tomorrow as well.

Jeff Glover also had a Superfight and won his division (but got armbarred in the open and took 3rd). Aca Fuller (Cleber Brown Belt) won his Superfight. Javy Vasquez was walking around but didn't compete because he didn't have an opponent. That's too bad, I love watching that dude compete. He's the man.

Anyways, just thought I'd come in here and give you guys a heads up. I'm gonna rest up and see how my rib is feeling for the NAGA tourney in a couple of weeks. If anyone else competed today or is competing tomorrow post how you did. Late.
Man I missed this thread. I would have liked to see a competition in person for the first time.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get the time off from work to get in on the fun. United BJJ has been putting on some great events though.