So who do u go to for advice


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Apr 29, 2003
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Was watching Dana white vid and when the guy asked Dana who he goes to for advice?
Guess what DW one! Guess I shouldn't be surprised by that answer. He does what he wants.

Anyways my go to guy has is and always will be my father. And older brother sometimes

Depends on the topic. Usually my wife or no one.
No one really. Some of my biggest regrets are when I have taken bad but well intentioned advice instead of trusting my gut. I find that most people pride themselves in ignorance and like to give opinions without any understanding. The only exception to this is when seeking advice about something that requires a certain level of expertise that one cannot attain in a short amount of time (say from a doctor).
It has been Google/Yahoo answers, but lately my friend because his advice involves actual facts about the human thought process and the way humans think, which is comforting.
It has been Google/Yahoo answers, but lately my friend because his advice involves actual facts about the human thought process and the way humans think, which is comforting.

Yeah, if 4 15 year olds voted for it it must be true; LOL I'm just giving you a hard time.
I don't usually take advice from people unless I am aware of their competence in whatever subject the advice given relates to. I would go to my mother for general life/social/philosophy advice, but not practical advice, and would go to my brother for practical knowledge and advice but not for life skills and such. I would take most advice given by my father that isn't about repairing cars and do the opposite of whatever he said.
Family first and foremost, then friends, then my Sherdog buddies.
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In all seriousness, I try not to take serious advice from friends and family because behind their intent is usually what they want for you instead of what's good for you.
Nobody. It wouldn't even cross my mind to ask people for advice.
Depends. If it's deep personal stuff i've got friends for that

If its personal stuff that I can be open with, ill hit up teh Mayberry. Sounds goofy but there's a few posters here who I respect and would/will/have listened to in the past. As I said, for stuff not so serious to where I can have a little bit of fun with it

For how to do things, google knows best
any of my amazing family members, i am very fortunate to have them.
My mom for most things. Im a 29 year old mommas boy at heart.

Ill get shit for this but oh well. Some of the hardest times of my life have been answered in my dreams while talking to my Grandfather who has been dead for almost 12 years. We were extremely close and crazy shit has happened in these dreams since he has passed. Anything from advice on family shit to him telling me I was gonna have a near death experience in a week but he would take care of it. 4 days later my front right tire collapsed in on my truck going 75mph and sent me flipping down the highway in the middle of nowhere. I eventually came to and collapsed on the side of the highway to where a member of Edwards Airforce base found me, cracked skull and covered in blood. Everyone including the cops and Paramedics had no explanation to how I could have survived a crash like that.

I know it sounds dumb but I dont give a shit, it happened. So believe me or not and I do know that could just be a coincidence. If it wasnt for everything else that happened either, I wouldnt believe it myself.
No one really. I might pick someones brain but I usually just end up doing what I feel.

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