So whens the Reem Bandwagon getting formed?

Sakurabas Ear

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Nov 22, 2012
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After tonight its likely a large number of people will lose faith in JDS and don't want to get on the soon to be coronated as the crown prince of bandwagons, Velasquez bandwagon. Reem is currently the one of the biggest hype trains in the MMA community and I just don't understand it, He hasn't beaten anyone Cain's caliber except maybe Werdum (Brock doesn't count as he pretty much stood there and let Reem retire him) Kharnitonov brutally knocked him out and getting outstruck by Werdum isn't the best looking thing when you're supposed to be the most dangerous striker at HW. His resume just doesn't justify his hype (at least JDS was on a tear through the top of the UFC HW division and knocked out Werdum in his UFC debut) submitting Mark Hunt? Mark's a name but he certainly isn't know for his ground game and Duffee took the Reem fight on two weeks notice and his chin is questionable. Brett Rogers lost his aura of being any good when Fedor decapitated him and he's really gone downhill, the rest of his resume is rather lackluster (Paul Buntenello, Kazuyuki Fujita way past prime, Gary freakin Goodridge). Still people will insist he is the long lost emperor come to reclaim his throne and he will have the grandest war wagon the world has ever seen, and the the forums will be ravaged by the wars between the opposing hype trains and JDS will fade into the background and Cain fans will forget to make a million threads about how right they were. What do you guys think of Reem beating Cain, possible or no?
It's already started.

You know how it goes,it's start the night one hypetrain ends