So what did you get your significant other for xmas?


May 3, 2010
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Since its right around the corner I figured I'd ask and see what others have gotten their significant others. After last year's debacle with gifts I gave my gf (picture frwmew.or something to the extent) I decided I had better step my game up. So I got her the following:

Sephora color block makeup thing
Waffle maker
Ugg boots
Michael kors bag and pocket book
1/2 carat diamond tennis bracelet.

Hopefully she doesn't see this since she tends to troll on sherdog for some reason to see what I post lol

What about the rest of yall.
Fuck you for making the rest of us look bad.
Dyson & an Apron

Fuck you for making the rest of us look bad.

Lmfao. Well I had to make up for last year's Xmas and I didn't get her a bday gift this year. Hopefully I don't get the shifty bf of the year award and this makes up for the last year lol
bought my wife a new wedding band. She doesn't wear her engagement ring or nice band to work so I got her one she can. Plus a new hair dryer
A new digital camera. At least that's what she told me I got her.
I got my girlfriend a book she's wanted for awhile, and then a gift card to buy new underwear.
Notadamnthing, single for the past 2 months.

Feels great \o/
We typically just go on trips and that is kinda like our "present" to eachother. This year we are flying out to Texas and spending some time in Houston and alitte further south. Then heading to New Orleans. But we always end up getting a little something for each other. This year I got her an old polaroid camera I found at an antique shop. She collects old cameras and stuff. She is a photographer.
My gf loooooves baseball, and is a die hard Giants fan in particular. She also loves converse shoes. So I bought her some orange converse and put black laces on them to make the shoes Giants colors. She's gonna lose her shit when she opens the gift. Haha.
Some lavender colored Ugg boots. She'll either love them or hate. Also some body spray and lotion from Victoria Secret.
I got her a new luggage set. She travels a ton for work, and she has had this old, crappy set of bags that are on their last leg. I think she's going to love it. She's always said that she was jealous of my set, and her new stuff is nicer than mine.
Descente Ski Jacket with Passport for our ski trip to the northeast as well as utah.

Burberry Brit perfume set.
A wine fridge, Pajama Jeans (gag gift), a really nice dinner and tickets to see the Nutcracker the day after Christmas.
A hideous Christmas sweater (she wanted one)
A watch
Some earrings
A book
A photo calendar

Not as much (money wise) as in previous years, but times is tough.