So I'm not too good with setting these contest things up...


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Mar 11, 2008
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So if anyone else thinks this could be fun...I'll need help with it. Krossinc unknowingly gave me a good (possibly) idea. Instead of the usual Solo Race-to-whatever-Specified-Number-in-Whatever, we'll pick a lift, form a team, and then race to the number by adding the number of the 3 contestants on the team. I think this could work out really well for encouraging your fellow lifter...since, well, if they suck it up you lose. :icon_twis

Let me get some feedback. It's summer, so most people have more time than usual.

NOTE: Let's try not to stack the teams too much. S&P patriarchs should be kept one to a team MAX.
Hey Ascendant or Keith, I know I've never spoke to you guys before, but I call tibs.
I was joking, I just mentioned the two strongest guys I could think of at the moment.

Someone smart would pick Finnegan. He might not be the absolute strongest but he's got a mean right hand and could get rid of the competition rather quickly.
Oooh I'm down. Whose team do I get to be on?
If it's deadlift I call "not it" with Enright.
This thread is merely for brainstorming. Someone more experienced with these contests can set up the Official Thread. I think before we do that, though, we should figure out how to "fairly" divide up into teams of 3.
Do not let anyone with a CC Devile av anywhere near your team if there is benching involved; )
I'd like to be entered into this draft. Im starting to recover from my injuries...
lol how strong does one have to be to do this? is it only for the monsters of the forum?
Too bad statsisgone. He could randomly assign teams.
I'd personally like to request no squats or deadlifts. While these are awesome lifts, my herniated disc prevents me from doing them at the moment (It's actually healing now, don't wanna chance it). Of course it's up to the masses, but that's my two cents. A push-Press / Push Jerk sounds nice.
The fairest way might be to form six man teams, with one person representing the best lift and one person representing the largest improvement in the lift ( from the start of the contest until a set deadline)

Lifter A Squat 575lbs 575 points

Lifter B Squat Start 345 endning 405
total of 60points

etc, etc