So how come there were no American weight lifting medalists at the olympics?


Feb 8, 2007
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Not enough people lifting as a kid to get the technique down?
I was busy keeping Hunto busy. ;)
Most champions started as children, were selected because of their potential, and lived, ate, slept, and trained in weight lifting schools all their life.

We don't have the selection process here, and the sport is unpopular.
Yeah, makes sense. I would guess that all our best athletes are doing football. For countries that don't have millions of dollars to spend on equipment, they have to do other stuff like weightlifting and soccer.
Depends on what olympics. Recently, since the 60's, we get stomped. Before then America was at the top. It's just not popular here compared to other sports with much more financial incentive. Our team would do better as it is if they would back off the out of season drug testing.
Weight lifting isn't lucrative. Prime athlete Americans can make much more money in any other professional American sport.
Because the Americans are pussies.
I work for a certain financial institution and someone's password was "Canada Sucks"