So called "Fans" booing JDS during his postfight Interview


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Apr 6, 2012
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Absolutely disgusting, JDS had just given it his all in a 5 round battle against who is now the Champ and #1 HW in the world.

And then Joe starts the interview and the people in arena are booing him. Booing him. Sorry, but this really pissed me off. JDS is a genuinely nice guy who was at the lowest point in his career (possibly his life) at that moment, and they fucking boo him. Disgraceful.

Hearing JDS ask why they were booing made me feel terrible about myself, & I wasn't even booing or in the arena. Sometimes I think MMA has the worst spectators of any sport in the world.

Sorry, just needed to vent. /rant
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you can only expect that kind of class from vegas, it was definitely from a lot of guys who lost money on him.. my friend did the same because he lost $200 on him haha.
Even though I was rooting for Cain, I wanted to reach through my television and give JDS a hug. And, y'know, tell him that I appreciate him.
I felt really bad about myself when he asked "Why you do that?".
It was saddening, I just felt like giving him a hug for some reason.
Can't imagine why anyone would boo someone after displaying that much heart.
I agree. It is disgraceful. I hate it when it happens. Reminds me of Korean Zombie getting booed in Canada after beating Hominick.

That being said, it's kind of ironic JDS was so visibly upset by it. After all, Brazilian crowds boo all non-Brazilian fighters win, lose or draw, good fight/bad fight, champion/non-champion, respectable person or not

Also, you're 100% correct. Mixed Martial Arts has the absolute worst spectators in the world of sports.
Most of these so called 'fans" are low life pieces of shit. Nuff said.
He said "Why are you guys doing that". Felt bad for him at that point. And agree with you TS he fuckin kept fighting when he had nothing left. Then he said im going to get the belt back and that start
classless people

especially towards a nice guy like that
There are some really good MMA fans. Unfortunately, we're outnumbered about 100:1. Hell, just take a look around these forums for a good example of that.
Bizarre and utterly uncalled for. Amazing heart displayed by that man. Can't WAIT for a third fight.
down right disgusting and a joke, was at the fight tonight, and saw 2 fights between people booing and others telling them to stop.
Vegas is a shitstain on an already-questionable American panty.
Fans boo the "home team" in sports all the time when they look like shit.
Most of these so called 'fans" are low life pieces of shit. Nuff said.

Most of those fans probably got free or heavily discounted tickets. I find that the more comps given out, the more of the just bleed losers infest the events.