So, anyone going to Lisbon for the European Open?


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Nov 18, 2003
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I soooooooo want to go, but it's too expensive. Well, the sign up isn't, but if you add the plane ticket, the hotel and money for food it's pretty expensive for a 4 day stay :(

Why does it always have to be Lisbon? I know that it's the closest thing to Brazil that you get in Europe, but why not set the event in a more central location like France?

BTW, did anyone go to any past European opens? For future reference, is it worth it?

EDIT: here's a link
I'm going!
The reason for it being in Lisbon is that the arrangers of the event live there I suppose.
From what I've heard from people in my club who's been there it's worth it since lots of Brazilians enter and provide good matches in the upper divisions.
Yeah lots of big names. Last year in absolute Roger Gracie fought Jacare.

In what division are you going to compete?