Sneak Preview of High Percentage Leglocks DVD

Stephan Kesting

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Jun 18, 2002
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Hello everyone

After 6 months of work I am expecting my next DVD, High Percentage Leglocks, to be in stock as of Tuesday April 22nd, 2008.

This DVD has two and a half hours of instruction, breaking down and building up the ankle lock, the heel hook and the toehold. It has so much material on it that I had to go to a dual-layer DVD format, so basically it's two DVDs in one.

It is divided into four sections: below you can see a brief description of each section and view some of the content from the DVD.

Thank you
Stephan Kesting

Section 1: Introduction and Principles (Link to Youtube page)

This section ensures that your your leglocking fundamentals are correct and efficient. Without proper mechanics and positioning you will often find yourself applying leglocks, straining as hard as you can, but unable to force your opponent to tap out. Make sure that never happens again!

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Section 2: Ankle Lock and Heel Hook Entries (Link to Youtube page)

In this section High Percentage Leglocks covers entries into the ankle lock and heel hook from many different positions. The techniques include methods to apply leglocks from inside your opponent's guard, from your own guard, as counters to sweeps, in transitions between positions, as followups from other submission attempts, from sidemount and from full mount.

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Section 3: Counters and Recounters (Link to Youtube page)

To master leglocks you need to know leglock counters AND recounters (the counters to the counters). This material is critical, both to prevent your opponent from leglocking you, and also to be able to anticipate and defeat any leglock counters your opponent might use to try to shut down your attack.

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Bonus Section: the Toehold (Link to Youtube page)

Toeholds are one of the most versatile leglocks, and can be used to submit your opponent quickly from a great number of angles and positions. Find out how to apply toeholds properly, what the common mistakes are, and what the best counters are should an opponent try to apply one on you

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The DVD will be available April 22nd, so long as DVD factories and freight companies cooperate!
This looks nice. I'd mainly want it for the counters, i have a huge phobia of heel hooks and toe holds!
Spirez - I agree that there is a lot of value in knowing counters, especially in the current environment of leglock resurgence in the UFC. A lot of beginners have 'learned' how to do leglocks from books, the internet or watching the UFC, and it is always a possibility that some newbie is going to show up at your club and try to rip your leg off with a leglock (because he doesn't know any better). You need to know the counters, even if you never intend to use a leglock yourself.

This is something we discussed quite a bit in my recent interview about leglocks on the Fightworks Podcase (the interview should be available tomorrow).

Stephan Kesting
Looks great and a perfect complement to 'Dynamic Kneebars'.

Looks great! It is nice to see some good ankle lock material out there!
Looks awesome Stephan. I'll be one of your first customers next week.
Awesome! I'll be buying for sure. Didn't realize this was so close to completion. You've picked a great subject for this one, as leglock instructionals are severely lacking as a resource right now.

Where is it going to be in stock?