Sleep number mattresses


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Oct 13, 2010
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I just tried one of these out yesterday at the mall. This thing was awesome. As it's supposed to be, it was like it was custom made for me. Does anyone own one of these? Reviews? Complaints?
Only thing I can say is I have a Temperpedic. Ive had it for 10 years and it now has started to break down. If I were to flip it on a normal basis I would probably be fine, I dont do that though.

Ive really been looking into the Sleep Numbers so hopefully this thread will teach me some stuff.
I slept in one at a hotel. That seems like the perfect application for it. For home use, I don't see the point unless you're sharing the bed with someone else. Once you get your desired firmness, I don't imagine you'd adjust it ever again. In that event, why not just buy a regular mattress with your desired firmness?
Don't go cheap on your mattress, you spend hours on it daily and a good one lasts a very long time.
Had one and loved it. I would recommend it for sure
I have the tempurpedic now and as much as I like it I think I liked the sleep number better.
The demonstration they give you in the store is awesome. They make you lay on the bed at 100% firmness. On this computer screen with one of those thermal cams, they show where most of your pressure lies. For women, its mostly in their hips. For men, it's more so in their shoulders/back. When they set the mattress to your sleep setting, you can see the pressure disappear.
Where is the best place to buy one? Best price I mean. I have a really bad back and I need a new bed soon
Where is the best place to buy one? Best price I mean. I have a really bad back and I need a new bed soon

The one I went to was at the mall. I'm sure you can find them online, but it's pretty cool to try it out, get the demo, etc.
yah I just figured id go to the store see if i like it then order it online for cheaper
When I bought mine the store was selling their floor model for half price. I went in and tried to low ball him on the price but he couldn't adjust the price. He called me a few days later taking another 300$ off the price and before you say gross, they ended up changing everything except the foam dividers and blow up part. See if they'll do that for you too.
Good luck
the cheapest tempurpedic is the most firm, best for lower back lumbar support.
this is the one you need. best mattress on the planet with a lifetime guarantee.
Had a sleep number bed. The wife and I hated it after a while. The support foam inserts between the air pads start to break down. And forget sitting on the edge of your bed if you have a soft number. You slide right off.

Invest in a good mattress like a Tempurpedic or Beautyrest with memory foam top.
I'll take one of these pls:


(btw that dude is 6'10" Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson and the bed cost $23k lol)
Serious question...does the foam divider down the middle disturb your "adult life"?