Skipping for early training?

Buria Rosa

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Mar 25, 2012
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Hey guys, completely beginner question but is skipping any good for combining with a basic boxing workout? If any of you guys do it, how long and how often should I do it? Thanks guys.
Depends on your goals. Which are?
yes, skipping is very good for boxing. Besides the obvious cardiovascular benefits - it helps you improve your balance, co-ordination and footwork. There was a big thread about it with lots of good vids and discussion in the stand up forum.
Besides the obvious cardiovascular benefits

I've found that, because my skipping/jumping rope technique sucks so much, when I do it, it is quite a high intensity exercise. So for me, it is much more anaerobic than aerobic.
I jump rope for a warm-up and then skip the rope and do other stuff for cardio cause my technique sucks and I can't keep going for more than like 3 min at a time... I'm getting better slowly though...
I like skipping, for the reasons everyone else has posted and because it's fun, cheap, adjustable and not massively difficult to recover from.
Skipping is a part of pretty much any boxing workout.

I warm up with about 20-30min with varying intensities.
rope skippng is pretty awesome and essential to striking arts...
it develops your coordination, footwork, cardio...and it's fun!

i always bring my jump rope when i can do it anywhere!

we always start warming up with the jump rope for about 20mins...
Jumping rope has many benefits as mentioned by previous posters. It helps with footwork, shifting weight from left leg to right leg, coordination, and general cardio (depending on intensity). Start small and work your way up till you can go multiple rounds in a row without a break.

Whenever Im at a lost of what to do while jumping rope I turn to this thread for inspiration