Sketchy Service


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Jul 1, 2011
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I recently ordered a pair of gloves off of but i hadnt heard anything from them so i called. when i called, the guy that answered seemed clueless, but he told me they would send me a confirmation number and a letter notifying me the gloves have been shipped. i got the confirmation number but no message of the gloves being sent and its been roughly 2 weeks.
Sorry to hear bro. I hope you get them. Keep us updated so we know whether to ever order from them.
Same thing happened to me. Ordered, card charged immediately. No shipment, no response. Called them a bunch of times, no answer, no reply. Buyer beware
Alot of threads on Twins Special crappy service lately. I was tempted to order my Twins from them but went with other sites. Glad I did. Hope everything works out. Keep us updated please.
Thanks for the heads up. Lots of manufacturers being sketchy. Don't try to get a refund from triumph united. It took over a month to get my money back on defective equipment.
Triumph United customer service is dog shit. They wrote on my parcel that the goods I paid $260 for were worth $520. When I emailed them twice asking why I got pinged for double the duty I should have they ignored me.
And their gear's a craps shoot. The Deathadders are awesome but the Gi's are awful.
Yeah, the gi's shrink like no other and the pants have issues with the crotch ripping. I went to a warehouse and I saw their mitts and they were bruised and looked like someone ran over them with a truck. Major quality control issues.
My Death Star shins were complete shit too. I want to right them off come rely, but my Deathadders are so good...
I had those too, the death stars. I wasn't a fan of that disposable ice chest material used for padding and it didn't fit, the strap was too short so had to return them.

They didn't want to give me my money back so after many emails and phone call, 1 month after I returned the stuff, I finally got my money back. Never will buy triumph again, ever.