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Sirius RG and Boardshorts


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Nov 23, 2005
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Hey guys. Just curious on a few things:

What's your experience with the company?

What is the fit like on:

- ong-sleeve RG? I'm 5'6 155ish. Usually wear a small in t-shirts. Would a medium be too loose? Not really a big fan of the sausage feeling.

- shorts? I'm usually a 30/30 in jeans.
If I wear a cup should I get a bigger size?
Will the shorts go over my knees?

-has the color bleeding been fixed?

Thanks in advance guys.
i'm 5'9 and 150 pounds and medium rg is perfect.

I think medium would be fine it terms of looseness but not sure about the sleeves. I would go for medium though.
I own two short sleaved rashguards of theirs, and I picked the size I usually wear (XL), and it fit. They are pretty good rashguards, just remember that as with every other RG your nipples will show through white ones...
Sirius is my fav. rashguard I own. Fast shipping, durable stitching and material, great fits and it hasn't lost its elasticity yet. I got a white one with red one it and it didn't bleed at all. I think a medium should be fine. I am 5'9" 195 lbs. and a large is a perfect fit.
I have two Sirius gis and four Sirius RGs. Great company...always willing to listen. Their rashguards are my favorite and I will almost never buy another one.

I ordered their boardshorts and they SUCK! Don't get them. They're made out of regular fabric. They gladly accepted my return.
i dont have any of the rashguards yet but yes the shorts suck, your better off spending your funds on a different pair. The velcro wasnt that strudy (close system) and the you need to latch on the inside to a button which popped off.
thanx for the feedback on the RG and the heads up on the shorts guys.

Do you recommend another pair? I was considering Sprawl gflex or the Koral. I'll only be using it for grappling and not mma.
Ordered just the rashguard on May 27. I was told that it was 7-12 days shipping time to Canada. Still don't have it. Also didn't get a tracking number so I have no idea where the package is.

Still looking forward to seeing it though.

i got mine in 3 days a week and a half ago

its pretty nice, no bleeding of the red color.
One of the drawbacks to living in Canada. :D Just got it last night, guys and it looks awesome! fits a little loose but I don't like the compressed sausage feeling anyways.

Can't wait to roll in it!
I have the long sleeve RG and it's not so good. The wrists are weird....they are already stretched out too. The body of the RG fits nice but not the wrist area.
I've got the short-sleeve RG. The color doesn't bleed at all and it fits good. The only bad thing is that some of the seams (mostly around the collar) have a lot of loose threads coming out. And it was doing that even when it was pretty new (I've only had it for like 6 months.) Thus far it's still holding together well, but I suppose that won't last forever.
I'm 245lbs working my way down to 205lbs, would an XL Sirius RG be big enough for me??? I'm chubby in my midsection and my adorable love handles but have lot's of muscle mass hiding as well...