Single vs Double vs Gold weave


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Mar 10, 2007
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I did a search and can 't find what I am looking for.

What is the difference in these?
- Strength
- Weight
- comfort
- Fabric Softness
- etc
single less strength less weight more comfort probably more soft but will last you not as long, ... will allow opponents to grab your collars easier

double more strength more weight less comfort probably over heat quicker and its stiff

gold is a hybrid of both. i have an atama one. sometimes i overheat if i havent worn it often but i prefer my competition Koral single weave

single cheap double/gold/ not as cheap
The room we train in is HOT AS THE DEVIL'S KITCHEN. I go with a single for the lightweight, cooler aspect. I do want to get a gold though, but for now, I'll keep truckin' with the single.
Joe Padilla told me that the difference between his single and gold is that the gold is lighter and more comfortable but will last about 2 years while the single will last about 5 years.
I have an HCK double (which is pretty much the mother of all doubles.)

It's definitely heavy and stiff, but I don't really notice it much while rolling. It's more while doing calethetics and plyos that I really feel the weight of it.

I just got it a few months ago and like training in it, although once the summer comes around I'll probably use my lighter gi's more often.
i have a one cheap tradition judo weave single rolled in it for allmost 3years, it's alot softer now then when i first got because of the pilling (sp?)

I traded that in for a gold weave double 2years ago and i'm happy soft comfortable, and durable.

here is my understanding
traditional singles, are light cheap and are durable, but feel rough on the inside.

gold weave singles are light, a bit more comfortable (softer feel) and still durable if they are more or less durable then traditional singles who knows, but they tend to be more expensive.

traditional doubles depending on the weight and cut, can feel stiff, course and heavy, but they are durable and a pain for your training partners to deal with.

gold weave doubles tend to be the middle weights as not to many manufacturers produce this weave in weights above 750grams, they seem to be soft and comfortable compared to the traditional double weaves, it's hard to compare price as there isn't much of these on the market compare to heavy judo gis.

but i think the biggest difference comes from the cut, and the workmanship. if i see a gi get ripped it normally happens at a seam. i think if you want durability and longevity in a fabric then the heavy weight double weaves would be the way to go as they way cotton and will take longer to break down.

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