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Feb 12, 2008
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Looking for suggestion for three easy, tupperware, well rounded meals.

I am trying to drop from 250lbs to 210. I want to take in about 2000-2100 cal's daily.

I drink a low carb whey shake with fruit when i wake up.

I am in car at work 12 hours a day. I prefer to eat the same thing everyday. A simple diet that I can easily prepare and count on works best for me. With my job change, I am looking for something I can put in a sandwich bag or tupperware dish and put in my cooler. Sandwich, meal, snack, I don't care! I would like to get about 300-400 cal's with good ratio of carb/prot.

It would be nice to have a recipe for something I could easily cook up and put in tupperware for three to four days.

All right, I am lazy when it comes to cooking so help me out!
Have you tried HERE?

With 291 posts, there's bound to be some good things you could use.