similar but healthier than ephedrine?


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Jun 18, 2005
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I used to take ephedrine (ripped fuel, xenidrine) till i found out how bad ephedrine was on the heart, and how it felt like crack. lol. is there something that has a similar, but more mellow/heathier effect?

It'll loosen the fatt acid chains in your body, and it's a thermogenic, so it's great to take before your cardio. There's nothing better or more proven.
Mick's right. Half the uproar about caffeine is nonsense. It works fine when used properly and not in the form of 9 cups of coffee per day. Most thermogenics that DON'T have Ephedra anymore are going to be caffeine-based either way you look at it.
So what would you reccomend that has enough caffeine and still relativley healthy?

Not trying to hijack, but what happens when you stop taking things like Ripped Fuel? Do you put the weight back on that you lost or do you stay where you left off if you continue a healthy diet?
When you stop taking ripped fuel you'll have one HELL of a headache. Definely ramp your intake down for around a week. Take a one pill serving twice a day for a few days, then one pill a day or two and then a few cups of tea for the next few. I have been pretty hungover from immediatly stopping caffeine usage, and know a guy who had to go to the hospital after stopping HEAVY use for three years of law school. I would hypothesize it comes from a drop in blood pressure after all your blood vessels vasodialate.

You shouldn't lose any of the weight, your metabolism might get a bit slower for a few days, but overall it should go back to where you were when you started. With (hopefully) better eating habits of smaller meals, since caffeine is a appetite suppressant, you should keep it all off.
Damn I miss ephedra. Nothing else really works for me, Ive tried Venti-Lean, Redline, Ripped Fuel(non ephedra), Xenadrine, etc. Even Clenbuterol.

Boolshiet!!! Now I actually have to get out there and do some cardio... DAMIT DAMIT DAMIT!
Most corner stores carry ephedrine based supplements, they just have to be mixed with another chemical like guaifenesin.
SAN Tight is prretty good. It has synephrine which is a mild stimulant, also has green tea extracts. 2x/per day works well.