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Sick the day before a tournament

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Sep 13, 2007
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How do you guys deal with this? I have a no-gi tournament tomarrow and I have a pretty bad cold. I've had it for the past couple days, I can't take a deep breathe without coughing, and my nose is running like a black man from the police (rude, sorry).

Should I take some medication, or would that also negatively affect my preformance?
Do any of you guys have some crazy voo-jitsu concoction that you brew up when you're sick?
Suck it up...with the adrenaline pumping you'll be fine. Just warm up a ton before the match.
just take some good cold medication to dry you up and have a crack mate, nothing to lose

you know youre sick, so you dont have to expect to much of yourself, but dont give up and give it your best shot anyway.

how great would it be if you won?
Why are you competing if you're sick? Unless you've already paid, there is no real reason and most likely you'll end up regretting it and blaming any mistakes made on the cold.
You're going to get the other competitors sick. Not very nice.
dude, eat some chicken soup, take some nyquil, and man up. you'll be fine.
as long as there is no fever and/or sore throat go ahead
eating a whole bunch of oranges, taking airborne and a multivitamin fixes me up pretty quick.
Yeah, me too then.:icon_lol:j/k

Just try and drink lots of water and try for a big sleep.

Good luck.
gracefully bow out of the tournament.

Agree. Use the advice given above and see how you feel on the day of the tourney. If you do not feel 100% do not compete.