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Showtime announces some major fights......


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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Just saw this on FightNews.com.....Quintana-Williams and Kessler-Miranda look to be great fights and Dirrell-Hanshaw should be a battle as well......

Big fights coming on SHOWTIME!
SHOWTIME has announced an attractive June 7th telecast featuring an immediate rematch between WBO welterweight champion Carlos Quintana and former champ Paul Williams on June 7th. Also on the card is WBC super welterweight champion Vernon Forrest defending against The Contender's Sergio Mora.

SHOWTIME has also listed the previously reported and much anticipated super middleweight clash between Edison Miranda and former champ Mikkel Kessler for May 24th.
In SHOBOX action, a very interesting bout between super middleweights Andre Dirrell and Anthony Hanshaw is on tap for May 2nd, with a twinbill featuring junior welters Josesito Lopz against Edgar Santana, and super middleweights James McGirt Jr. against Carlos De Leon Jr. slated for April 11th.
Do you seriously think nobody reads fightnews.com? You're spamming.
Sorry then. I didn't realize there was that much crossover since I don't see a lot of the news items over there being talked about on here.
It's all good brother. I know you were just trying to help out and your still somewhat new to the forum. (and I posted it before my morning 2 pots of coffee, so i was a little B!tchy, sorry)
In the past , posting the news has always backfired.

Besides, your a good poster, gimmie some effort on thessseeee :D! I know you can breakdown the Quintana/Williams rematch ! You gotta give us some of that J-myers insight to go with it!ahaha, hell, change the thread title to this thread, and let's see who still thinks Williams is the "next Tommy Hearns" LOL.
What do people think of Anthony Hanshaw?

I don't really know him as a fighter that well, other than versus Jones.
Ya know, I really thought Hanshaw had a good chance at beating Roy. Also thought his great ammy background and awkward stance. *Left handed but fights orthadox like De La Hoya* would convert well into the pro's.

He beat some names as an ammy *Pavlik, Sachew Powell, and Sergio Mora* and as stands, only Jones has beaten him. I think he would GREATLY benefit from dropping to S.MW.
What do people think of Anthony Hanshaw?

I don't really know him as a fighter that well, other than versus Jones.

I thought he looked good in the SMW tournament. He destroyed Buentueng, who was on "the contender" but didn't fight. He fought Mendy to a draw in the finals of the tourney. Like Dirrell, Mendy is a southpaw and has long arms but Dirrell has a height advantage on Hanshaw. This Dirrell/Hanshaw fight should be a good one for Shobox unless Dirrell decides to put his track shoes on like he did against Stevens.

Interesting note on Hanshaw is that he fights from an orthodox stance, but is actually left handed. EDIT: Damn, glassjaw beat me to the punch on this fact!