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shoulder problem from the clinch



my bad if this is the wrong forum to post this in but i jacked up my shoulder today when i was doing a little bit of clinch work with my brother. he had me in the clinch and i put my left arm over his right arm and under his left to meet my right arm to breakdown his clinch a little. something happened to where my left shoulder felt like it dislocated for like 4 seconds, then it went back into place. now its pretty sore and some movements make it feel like its gonna pop out of place. any suggestions on what happened and what i need to do to get it better?
sort of kimara'd yourself eh?

have the same problem. popped out my shoulder twice last year. when i'm in the clinch and i'm trying to keep it tight, sometimes i feel like my shoulder's gonna give so i let go.

oh, sounds like your shoulder popped out and popped back in again, which is pretty common. if it's tender and swollen, get it checked.

I did that once while driving. The pain went away after a few weeks and I haven't felt anything since.
yeah, that sucks. My question is why put your arm under his left? If I'm picturing this right (and tell me if I'm not) he's got both hands locked on your neck. Just put your left arm over his right and across his jaw or throat, grab your left wrist with your right hand and extend. Once extended slip your right hand in and then your fighting for position again. Or if your arms are longer then you may even break his grip altogether.
if it's a matter of beating the clinch, it helps to have astrong neck too.

that or, try this: when your in the clinch, instead of trying to entangle arms, stick your neck up and tiptoe, keeping your back and entire body straight. doing this basically allows your entire body to get out of the crappy position, instead of just your amrs.