shoulder hurts when benching help anyone


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Jun 29, 2002
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hey i went to the gym yesterday and i couldnt even do 1 plate my shoulder was hurting so much. what you guys think i should do is it something wrong with my grip, cuz when i grip to bench imy ring finger is around the circular part(that smooth ring like thing that is kinda chrome) making my grip kinda wide. is there any alternate workouts i can do for chest
stop benching. rehab your shoulder with some rotator work, take up an interest in overhead presses (standing of course). And quit focusing on your chest.
Yeah...that pretty much sums it up right there.

To add a bit: When my shoulder was giving me shit, I took a few weeks off from bench, and when I returned, I narrowed my grip a couple inches, and keep your elbows semi-tucked to no more than 45 degrees. You are going to have to re-learn your technique a bit, but it pays off in the end.

Keep in mind that I'm no expert by any means, but this is what helped me.
Do you have the same problem with close grip BP?
Out of curiosity has anyone seen any studies or have links that may indicate that OHP's are easier on the rotator cuffs than BP? I've had a couple of surgeries on my shoulders and the therapist and surgeons always told me to becareful of over head exercises... they've never said crap about the BP. I know that the BP can be harsh on the shoulders, especially if the elbows aren't tucked, but I'm not convinced that OHP would be any better. I'm not disagreeing with Urban or anyone else for that matter. I'm just looking to further my own education on this matter.
IMO the problem is not any of the two lifts, it's rather that people tend to do a lot more pressing than pulling.

High pulls helped my shoulders and my posture. AND add mass to the traps/rhomboids/rear delts. AND explosiveness to the legs. AND they work my hammies nicely.

Do I need to go on? Do them.
All the evidence I have for OHP's being easier on the shoulders is anectdotal. Almost everyone I know who switched from bench to OHP's because of shoulder problems says it was a good move and either doen't hurt their shoulders at all, or hurts a lot less. I think the reduced load is part of it.
wait till your shoulder heals and then start benching again.
incline dumbbell benchpress worked fine for me after i hurt my shoulder and couldnot bench anymore
In my opinion you should always be able to row about as much as you can bench.
What does it mean to tuck in your shoulders, i ues the dumbells so should i worry?
graedy said:
In my opinion you should always be able to row about as much as you can bench.

Quoted for truth. Not pulldowns. Rows.
start benching with powerlifting form,shoulder blades tucked,elbows no more than 45 deg out and bar below nipple-also do some light rotator cuff exercises-inclines will plce more stress on the shoulders-lots of time pain in the shoulder happens from an inbalance of the surounding muscles-u need a strong back,shoulders,chest,triceps and legs to bench well
as has been previously said quit with the bench presses for a while just changing technique will not eleviate the problem as i found myself instead concentrate on ohp's and take an anti imflammatory like ibruprofen also be careful with cleans as they can also cause this problem
you want him to perform what could be the hardest exercise on the shoulders as a whole to heal his shoulder
JACKC said:
you want him to perform what could be the hardest exercise on the shoulders as a whole to heal his shoulder
yeah i i was thinking that cuz i tried doing a couple of reps of ohp and i couldnt do more than 3
for the record i have been traing for 18 years all heavy no problems with my shoulders-i have a 450 pound raw bench with pause juice free-cycle off flats with barbell for 4 weeks-try dumbell presses with 1 1/4 rep use a tempo of 3 down i sec pause 1 second up-the bottom 1/4 is what is going to hit the chest-for shoulers stay with dumbells and pre exhaust them so you can take it easy on the weight-and try to get a rotator cuff exercise or two in the one on chest day on on shoulder day-also get a good warm up in b4 training alwaysin 4 weeks we'll go back to flats with new form(you really shouldn't do the same exercise for more than 4 weeks any way-
THEN DON'T DO OVERHEAD FUCKING PRESS?! God damn it's like I'm talking to a bunch of people with down's syndrome sometimes. if it hurts that's a clear sign that you shouldn't FUCKING BE DOING IT!