Should UFC Make a Habit of Booking Top Fighters of a Weight Class on the Same PPV Card?

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Top four fighters on a single PPV card?

  1. Yes—this is a safe contingency plan in case of pullouts

  2. No—it doesn't make a difference

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  1. Or at least, any scenario which sees four of the top ten fighters of a weight division on a single card that features a title bout.

    For example, if UFC 196 was set up like:

    155 Title: Rafael dos Anjos (c) vs. Conor McGregor
    155: Anthony Pettis vs. Eddie Alvarez (instead of being booked on Fox, or another fight between two top lightweight contenders)​

    They could have easily moved up Pettis or Alvarez into the main event without much consequence (except for killing off a contendership fight for the greater good of saving the card).

    By doing this, you could avoid a situation like Chad Mendes or Cowboy Oliveira, fighters who take a major marquee fight on short notice, but evidently don't show up as good as they would have if they had a full fight camp.

    I think the UFC has been more proactive with this approach, having booked on the undercard of UFC 194 in case José Aldo pulled out of the McGregor fight.
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    surely. that's just good business.

    and don't call you surely.
  3. My name's Clarence.

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