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Should UFC gives fighters the incentive to move up

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by grimballer, Jan 4, 2015.

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    Jul 9, 2008
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    By actually paying heavier weight classes significantly more?

    Of course jones comes in mind, but we can also include any top fighter in UFC.

    The way things are right now fighters have no incentive to move up other then to please the fans n possibly have one superfight to cash in.

    Jones is the prime example of this.

    Like he said he is a lhw n has no issue making the weight. The only reason for him to move up would be superfight with Cain n that's it.

    Ppl gotta remember that fighting is his job n he's gonna do what's best for his career, meaning fight in division which suites him best n where he can cash in the most. N let's face it, being UFC lhw champ (title held by guys like Liddell, Tito, couture, shogun, rampage) is more prestigious than UFC hw champ.

    In order for jones to permanently move to hw or Aldo to lw or weidman to lhw, UFC needs to pay heavier weight classes more.

    If top hw were making twice as much as top lhw, you really think jones would still fight in lhw?

    Fighters in general would no longer go out their way to make the lowest weight class possible, but would actually fight as heavy as possible.


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