Should they bring in Ranallo and/or Rutten to do some commentary?


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Sep 22, 2012
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So now that Strikeforce is done for, shouldn't the UFC go ahead and bring in Ranallo and (ideally) Rutten or (less ideally) Miletich to do the commentary on the Fox/FX broadcasts at the very least. Sorry if a thread has already been made about this possibility before, but the suckage of Anik and Florian just got me thinking about this.

EDIT: Obviously I'm operating under the assumption that they'll keep Goldie and Rogan around.
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Bas Rutten would do a better job than Florian, and could slap KO Florian if he wanted too.
i always enjoyed ranallo... his call of cormier over bigfoot is going to be something that i remember for a while
bas would be the best color commentator
They need someone with a different sounding voice than Anik and Florian. It sometimes sounds like 1 guy is doing commentary and talking to himself.
I like Bas' commentary, but was never much of a Ranallo fan
I thought Bas was a bit too ADHD during the Invicta event. Sounded drunk.
It's just little comments like "Nice little spinning attack there from Bisping," that makes me believe that Anik has no clue what he's talking about.
Bas + Mauro + Rogan would be the ideal.

If they want to keep Rogan and Goldberg together that's fine, but bring in Mauro & Bas as the other crew. Anik/Florian are terrible and sound alike.
Mauro, when he's not trying too hard to be entertaining, is probably the best announcer in mma. Let him be the straight man and his broadcast partner handle the comedy. I think Mauro and Joe would be a spectacular team. Mauro can do everything Goldberg does while not looking like an uneducated boob when commenting on the specifics of the actual fight.