Should the UFC bring in Takase just to beat Silva?


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Mar 14, 2008
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Look at the guy, he's actually fought some descent fighters. When he fought Silva, Takase just schooled him in BJJ. How many people have done that to Anderson. Travis Lutter couldn't even do anything. If the UFC gives Okami a shot at Silva because of their previous fight, Okami will lose (probably a kick to the face again, but this time, standing up, HAHHA).

I say, UFC should bring Takase even for just a few fights.
How many times are you going to make the same thread?
I think Roger Gracie could make it to Silva's weight class. All he needs is good striking.

Either that or Jacare.
I think if Jacare keeps working on his striking like he has been since his first fight, then may god have mercy on all middleweights. And when I say work his striking I mean integrating into his take downs.