Should the UFC bring in Takase just to beat Silva?


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Mar 14, 2008
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Look at the guy, he's actually fought some descent fighters. When he fought Silva, Takase just schooled him in BJJ. How many people have done that to Anderson. Travis Lutter couldn't even do anything. If the UFC gives Okami a shot at Silva because of their previous fight, Okami will lose (probably a kick to the face again, but this time, standing up, HAHHA).

I say, UFC should bring Takase even for just a few fights.

takase got KO'd by hector lombard...what do you think Silva would do to him right now

y not give ryo chonan a title shot? he did well standing and finished silva on the ground?

hell, lets give hallman a shot at hughes again. how bout pele?

Silva isn't the same fighter he was before. fighters evolve
Silva has advanced way more than Takase has since that fight.....
I've got a better idea, lets bring back muhammad ali to win the heavyweight boxing title. Did you see how he kicked the crap out of george foreman back in the day? He'd kill modern heavyweights!
Why does he need to be beaten? He's a great champion. I swear, the guy wins and the next day all of sherdog gets together and collectively says, "Alright, how can we get this fuck out of here? Let's start sending petitons to 185 olympic wrestlers and boxing champions to train mma or something...."

People basked in the Fedor reign, the short-lived GSP reign, people can't wait to see Anderson's come to an end.