Should I watch the Simpsons?


Dec 25, 2012
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I remember Simpsons used to be one of my favorite shows in the 90s. Then I stopped watching it. Is the 2000s era Simpsons still worth watching?
IMO it's rubbish with a laugh coming every now and then. So I'd say no.
its still better than family guy
Can't get into it.

Haven't watched Simpsons since about 1994-95
better off just watching the old seasons again. I watched the episode "you only move twice" the other night, the one with Hank Scorpio fucking classic.
Episodes aren't as great as they were in the 90's however, the odd episode usually turns out to be good, like the recent one about Homer's dog a couple of weeks ago.
I still love the "Homer in the third dimension episode". I haven't seen The Simpsons in years.
I watched it when it switched over to HD and most of the episodes were pretty good, they seem to have worked on getting some of their charm back. My favorite new joke is in the new opening, where they have a billboard gag. A picture of Milhouse looking sad with the words "MISSING CHILD: NO REWARD" written under.
Just watch seasons 4 through 9....maybe 10 or 11.

Greatest comedy in the history if television right there.
They still show reruns of the old seasons.
Why are you asking Sherdog? Decide for yourself.
Watch re-runs of King of the Hill instead.